5 Myths about working with Engineering Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies match qualified candidates with job openings among a wide range of companies. While they are great resources for job seekers and businesses, some still question how they work. In this blog, we identify and debunk five of the most common myths about working with engineering staffing agencies.

Myth #1: I will be charged a fee to use an agency.

It’s actually free to work with a staffing agency to find employment. Agencies are hired—and paid for—by companies that need to fill positions but don’t have the time or the recruiting resources available in-house.

Myth #2: Staffing agencies don’t care about my job satisfaction or career goals.

This is false. Agencies are deeply invested in your success, because the success of their clients means success for their business. If you don’t feel that your employment agency is committed to helping you achieve your goals, you’re not using the right one. The staffing agency you use should help you prepare for employment through skill development, training and certifications. Your overall satisfaction should be their primary goal.

Myth #3: Agencies can’t find me a permanent, well-paying position. They don’t offer “real jobs”.

Staffing agencies offer a hugely diverse selection of potential jobs. They help find positions for people in all types of industries and for all company types. A significant portion of jobs turn into full time, permanent employment. Staffing agencies can find contract, contract-to-hire or direct hire openings. Many companies use staffing agencies in order to assess talent for specialized positions or simply to fill positions more quickly.

Myth #4: Working with staffing agencies is the only step I need to take in my job search.

Beginning with an employment agency is a great start. However, you want to use as many resources as you can during your job search. You wouldn’t want to only submit one résumé when looking for a position. Take advantage of your agency’s skill development and coaching resources, but also stay connected to your professional and personal network.

Myth #5: Staffing agencies only offer entry-level, administrative jobs.

Staffing agencies have developed a reputation for only filling entry-level jobs, but this is wildly untrue. Due to the changing job market, more and more firms are using agencies to fill more specialized positions. Specialty agencies have emerged to place professional, managerial and technical candidates.

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