Acing Your Pre-Employment Screening: Strategies for Success from Both Sides of the Table

The pre-employment screening process is a pivotal stage in the hiring journey, posing challenges and opportunities for both candidates and recruiters alike. Recognizing the importance of this phase, TriMech has identified key strategies to prioritize during pre-screens.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the essential elements for pre-employment screening success from both the candidate and recruiter perspectives, aiming to simplify the process and foster better placements.

The Candidate Side of Pre-Employment Screening:

1. Openness to Salary and Set Rate Discussions:

Negotiating salary can be a tricky part of the pre-screen, often causing discomfort for candidates. However, we emphasize the value of honesty and openness. Candidates should approach salary discussions with an open mind, understanding that negotiations are fluid, and flexibility can lead to better results. It’s crucial to avoid a closed-off mindset, as transparency fosters a positive recruiter-candidate relationship. It is important to understand that the recruiter represents you, and it’s a different process than negotiating a salary with the employer directly. Share your concerns with the recruiter so that they can properly work with your potential employer to meet your needs.

2. Following Through:

Demonstrating commitment is a key aspect that sets candidates apart. Realizing that recruiters are on your side and acknowledging their efforts can significantly enhance your impression. If you commit to reaching out to a recruiter at a specific time, follow through. Proactive communication is vital; if rescheduling becomes necessary, inform the recruiter in advance. Missing scheduled interactions may lead to uncertainty about the role on both sides, affecting the pre-screening process.

3. Openness to Relocation:

The topic of relocation often intertwines with salary discussions. Here, honesty from the candidate’s side is paramount. If you are open to moving, express that clearly. However, many candidates feel compelled to say they are open to relocation, even if they are not. This can lead to complications down the road when a recruiter finds a job in a different location. It’s crucial to remember that recruiters are your allies, and if you are unwilling to move, convey that information. Dishonesty at this stage can lead to complications and erode trust with your recruiter for future opportunities.

The Recruiter Side of Pre-Employment Screening:

1. Setting Expectations Upfront:

TriMech’s recruiters credit their success to setting expectations upfront for candidates. Clearly communicating the recruitment process and being honest about the fit for the position immediately establishes transparency. While some recruiters may be hesitant to communicate fit early on, TriMech emphasizes the importance of establishing a relationship built on honesty and trust from the outset. This upfront communication pays dividends throughout the entire process.

2. Observant of Candidate Responses:

Recruiters often go through the basics during pre-screens, checking off qualifications and ensuring candidates meet the position requirements. However, there’s more to success than ticking boxes. TriMech recruiters highlight the significance of being observant of candidate responses and asking open-ended questions. This approach provides deeper insights into skills and qualifications beyond what’s mentioned on resumes. It also allows recruiters to identify candidates’ potential fits for positions that may not have been initially considered.


The pre-employment screening process can be demanding, but with strategic approaches from both candidates and recruiters, it can lead to optimal outcomes. Transparency, commitment, and open communication form the foundation for successful pre-screens. TriMech’s recruiters continuously credit their success to these principles, emphasizing that the process need not be strenuous when both sides collaborate effectively.

A successful pre-screen is a collaborative effort that simplifies the process, resulting in better placements for candidates and a clearer understanding for recruiters. If you’re interested in connecting with TriMech’s highly skilled recruiters to find a position that not only aligns with your qualifications but allows you to excel, visit TriMech Staffing and check out our job board

Dain Ripol

Dain Ripol is the TriMech Staff Augmentation Marketing Coordinator
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