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Elle Smith is a Marketing Assistant for TriMech Staff Augmentation

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How to use new technology as an employee retention strategy

In this market, there is no guarantee that companies can keep their workers. One way to enhance your chances of employee retention, is to supply tools that make it easier for employees to do their jobs

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3 Key Practices for a Successful Hybrid Workplace

In this article, we’ll explore three key practices for a successful hybrid workplace in an engineering environment

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So You Want to be a CAD Designer

Local companies are looking for knowledgeable CAD Designers with adequate certification and unique applicants to be good additions to their team. Find out what you need to obtain a position.

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What is the Great Resignation Labor Shortage and how are Manufacturers handling staffing

In this article, we will explain what ‘The Great Resignation’ means and specifically what manufacturers can do to maintain a successful business during the labor shortage.

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