Benefits of an Engineering Services Partnership

TriMech has the honor of working with many organizations that move society forward. In this article we examine the Engineering Services Partnership experience and discuss what we feel are the top five benefits for members of the entrepreneur community.

We started our Project Engineering Group (PEG) several years ago because we saw a need to be able to deliver contract engineering services to many of our more established clients. Initially, we were able to deliver bespoke mechanical design and analysis services to organizations that did not have the bandwidth, resources, or technologies in-house. We have since grown our capabilities to include file conversion, prototyping, reverse engineering/scanning, rendering and electromechanical design, as well as increase our analysis power with structural and fluid dynamics experts.

Why use an Engineering Services Partner

As our services have expanded, we have noticed more start-up organizations sharing their need for these kinds of services. We fully recognize that this is an important decision for entrepreneurs, so we are laying out the primary benefits of finding an engineering services partner along with some things to consider.

1. Risk Mitigation

There is a huge difference in the promise of a project versus the capability or a process needed to reach the finish line. The capability and process work for so many TriMech clients, but the final execution remains on the organization itself. In a start-up environment there are many factors that will have an impact on the success of the final product. Among those risks is the potential to cut corners in the product development process due to lack of expertise and not understanding the scope of technical expertise needed, so budget and time are not allotted for it. We seek to help you reduce these and many other risks surrounding product development.

2. Credibility

Working with a professional service organization like TriMech offers a degree of credibility that many start-ups are unable to achieve. This credibility can be beneficial in recruiting new team members, fundraising and elevating the company’s ideas and efforts. These partnerships can also enhance collaboration opportunities through TriMech’s client base. We view connecting organizations as a critical role that TriMech can fulfill.

3. Cash Flow Concerns

When leveraging your engineering services partner you can approach projects in a way that aligns with investor and client interest. Certain services, such as prototyping, are especially accessible to early-stage companies as these jobs can span from very quick prototypes to low-volume manufacturing runs to avoid large production costs. A hidden benefit unique to working with TriMech is the access to the engineering, design, and reverse engineering capabilities that we have. This access means you don’t have to employ someone full-time to get the task done. We encourage every entrepreneur to be disciplined in their approach to cash management through strategic use of services and even through programs like the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Program.

4. Technical Advisors

In addition to being extremely skilled project contributors, our team of experts also brings countless lessons learned from decades of work with hundreds of other clients across all industries and company profiles. This expertise brings efficiency to both product development and business strategy. An example of this would be when we worked with Tactical Deployment Systems and their manufacturing vendors to make model adjustments and engineering decisions as they prepared for volume production.

5. Process refinement

There is a commonly accepted adage termed Parkinson’s Law which states that a work task will expand to fit whatever time is allotted for it, whether required or not. We understand that unnecessary extension of initiatives presents a costly challenge to the start-up community. Our project management experience will help you to prioritize the efforts that truly are credible and ensure that we are accountable to whatever schedule best supports your burgeoning business needs. You can see a prime example of this when Utah Trikes experienced a massive reduction in production time from two months to two weeks with TriMech’s guidance and prototyping services.

If you are a startup working hard towards getting a critical product into your customer’s hands, we hope you will consider TriMech as a complement to your organization. With a diverse team of talented engineers and developers that know the right questions to ask, we can take your project from start to finish as we help you move your dreams from startup to established.

Riley Rudd

Riley Rudd

Riley Rudd is a Marketing Specialist for TriMech's Staff Augmentation and Project Engineering Group (PEG). Riley is currently a graduate student at Virginia Tech working toward a Master of Engineering in Computer Science, with a focus on data analytics and AI.
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