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PEG Capabilities

TriMech’s Project Engineering Group Can Solve Your Engineering Problems

Join us on Thursday, April 18, 2024 at 10 AM EST, and discover the comprehensive solutions offered by TriMech’s Project Engineering Group; including FEA/CFD, mechanical design, product development, and reverse engineering.

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Engineering project management

Mastering Engineering Project Management: A Guide to Success

In the fast-paced technical world engineering project management is the cornerstone of success. The impact of poor project leadership can lead to various challenges, including dissatisfied clients and projects exceeding their budgets.

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Loretta Lacks

Meet Loretta Lacks: The Driving Force Behind Client Success at TriMech Staffing

Unlocking Client Success. Discover how Loretta Lacks, a Client Executive at TriMech Staffing, drives through resilience, determination, and commitment.

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remote engineering jobs

Navigating the New Normal: Thriving in Remote Engineering Jobs

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world witnessed a paradigm shift in work dynamics, particularly in the field of engineering. It’s evident that…

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Job Intake calls

Mastering the Art of Successful Job Intake Calls: A Guide for Building Rapport

Building rapport is crucial for successful Job Intake Calls. Explore the art of Building Rapport during client interactions fostering a strategic alliance.

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Virtual interviews

Virtual Interview Tips for Engineering Jobs

If you’re preparing for a virtual interview on Zoom (or another virtual platform) there are some pitfalls you really must avoid

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solidworks for startups

Staffing Services for the SOLIDWORKS for Startups Program

TriMech Staffing provides recruitment services for clients enrolled on the SOLIDWORKS for Startups Program, find out more in our video.

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TriMech staffing difference from other recruitment agencies

How does TriMech Staffing differ from other Recruitment Agencies?

Ross Bannister, Recruitment Director for TriMech Staffing in the UK and Ireland, explains how TriMech is different from other recruitment agencies

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Who are TriMech staffing UK

Who are TriMech Staffing UK?

Discover who TriMech Staffing UK are, and the recruitment services they can provide your business.

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