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You've got a design project that you want to get done quickly and efficiently, but you don't have the time or resources to do it yourself!

TriMech is a leading project engineering company specializing in delivering high-quality CAD services for clients across all industry sectors.

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TriMech CAD Services

SOLIDWORKS Model Creation

Model Creation

SOLIDWORKS part and assembly building from either 2D engineering drawings or conceptualising artwork.

Are you reverse engineering old drawings for a restoration or designing the innovative products of tomorrow? We can help bring your ideas to life by offering expert level SOLIDWORKS modelling, meaning no awkward future editing or corruption. Whether conceptual or concrete, spend less time worrying about the CAD and focus on the rest of the journey - resulting in a higher quality product.

SOLIDWORKS drawing creation

Drawing Template Creation

2D Drawing templates in SOLIDWORKS for teams to use easily, taking the guesswork out of the paperwork.

Poor drawing quality can often lead to manufacturing faults and slow production times. We can upgrade your templates using your company standards and brand assets we can create a suite of custom templates to ensure consistency and eligibility on everything produced, reducing the potential for error.

CAD file conversion

CAD File Conversion

Convert imported CAD files to native file formats, check for model errors, and repair them.

Receiving files from third party software into SOLIDWORKS can be a nightmare with corrupt parts, missing faces, and lack of model history. Importing and repairing can be a tricky business and often leads to wasted time because of back and forth with the supplier or frustration trying to fix it yourself. Using the latest conversion techniques and a wealth of SOLIDWORKS industry knowledge we can help efficiently deliver quality models.

2D to 3D CAD

2D to 3D Creation

Our expert designers can help convert any 2D files to a full 3D model that is ready for use in manufacturing, virtual testing, marketing and more.

All 3D models will be created with the latest 'best practice' methodology adopted by industry, ensuring that they are robust and easy for you or your partners to use in the future.

Benefits of working with TriMech

Reliable Design
We offer services from drafting, to conceptual product design and prototyping, through to preparation for manufacture.
Extended Capabilities
It's not just CAD - We can produce anything from class leading technical marketing materials to full simulation testing.
50+ Elite Engineers
The scale of our team means that we can always dedicate an engineer with the right experience to match your project requirements.
Clear Process
We take time to understand your needs, keep you informed with every step of the process, and ensure that your project is delivered on time and to exacting standards.

"TriMech and their team have provided an enormous benefit and will be our partner of choice for future modeling, simulation, and engineering needs."

Billy Stone
VP, Engineering, Cottrell Contracting Corp.

"TriMech provided exceptional support. Whether it’s discussing design/modeling ideas or material options/tradeoffs, it’s hard to find better knowledge and experience. There are many places to go for 3D printed parts, but finding someone better would be difficult."

Matt Wilcox
Senior Mechanical Engineer, G3 Technologies

“TriMech’s Project Engineering Group was the epitome of professional. Brian’s team gave me great guidance and really brought life to every detail of my design. I’m currently in the patent stages, and my attorney has stated that the 3D and mechanical renderings are some of the best he’s ever seen – and that’s coming from a patent attorney of 25 years! TriMech worked within my budget and handed me quality deliverables.”

Neil Lesher

“TriMech was able to quickly respond to my request and provide the requisite support for a fast paced project to develop a multiplex gas sample conditioning and analysis system. The project was a success and the system is in operation at our Bio-Energy Washing gas processing plant located near Seattle, Washington.”

Lorne Adams
Director of Engineering, Ingenco

“The Interferences detected by developing the ‘Rockbridge’ 3D model early in the project prevented an abundance of re-work and field changes. TriMech and their team has provided an enormous benefit and will be our partner of choice for future modeling, simulation, and engineering needs.”

Billy Stone
VP of Engineering, Cottrell Contracting Corporation

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