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Streamlining Design Collaboration Hero Image

Streamlining Design Collaboration: Leveraging Remote File Access

At TriMech, we understand the crucial role streamlining design collaboration plays in projects. Effective collaboration is the cornerstone of successful outcomes, from brainstorming sessions to feedback loops.

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PEG Capabilities for solving engineering problems

TriMech’s Project Engineering Group Can Solve Your Engineering Problems

Watch the on-demand webinar to discover the comprehensive solutions offered by TriMech’s Project Engineering Group and how we can solve your engineering problems.

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CAD innovation

Engineer Spotlight: Keith Pedersen’s CAD Innovations with Musical Instruments

With engineers, problem-solving is not just a job description; it’s a way of life. Learn more about Keith Pedersen’s journey of CAD innovation used to enhance his musical experiences.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Enhancing Computational Fluid Dynamics with Environmental Conditioning

In today’s world of architecture and engineering the focus is catering to the occupants needs while also reducing their impact on the environment. We are going to take a deep dive into what Computational Fluid Dynamics…

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Engineering project management

Mastering Engineering Project Management: A Guide to Success

In the fast-paced technical world engineering project management is the cornerstone of success. The impact of poor project leadership can lead to various challenges, including dissatisfied clients and projects exceeding their budgets.

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Design to manufacturing

Design to Manufacturing Services

TriMech Design to Manufacturing Services includes concept development, prototyping, and additive manufacturing

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Reverse engineering service

Reverse Engineering Services

TriMech Reverse Engineering Services increases product development by creating new designs from old CAD models, drawings, or 3D scanning physical objects.

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3D Visualization services

3D Visualization Services

TriMech 3D Visualization Services will bring your products to life with animation, photo rendering, and virtual reality offerings.

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Simulation FEA services

Simulation / CFD / FEA Services

TriMech Simulation / CFD / FEA Services can predict the performance of your design under real-world operating conditions, to correct design problems before incurring the cost of prototyping and production.

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CAD Services

CAD Services

TriMech high-quality CAD services includes 2D to 3D, Model & Drawing Creation and File Conversions

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Who are TriMech staffing UK

Who are TriMech Staffing UK?

Discover who TriMech Staffing UK are, and the recruitment services they can provide your business.

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Mechanical engineering

Keeping Up with Mechanical Engineering – Strategies for Continuous Learning

In this article we explore effective strategies for designers and engineers to stay relevant in mechanical engineering where constant innovation is the norm.

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outsourcing engineering

Outsourcing Engineering to TriMech Improves Time to Market for Spectra Gutter Systems Products

This case study will look into the success Spectra Gutter Systems has found through outsourcing engineering to TriMech’s Project Engineering Group (PEG).

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design with CFD

Improving Design with CFD: Applications Beyond Conventional Industries

Discover new initiatives to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and reduce environmental impact when you design with CFD solutions from TriMech

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Alain Bucio Simulation Engineer

Meet the Team: Alain Bucio, Project Simulation Engineer

Meet Alain Bucio, a seasoned Project Simulation Engineer certified in SOLIDWORKS

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3D design example

Engineer Spotlight: Balancing Aesthetics with Functionality in 3D Design

Meet Alain, a skilled engineer with a focus in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), showcasing a unique blend of technical precision, creativity and 3D design.

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industry experience with will

Unleashing Industry Experience: PEG’s Collective Wisdom in Engineering Excellence

Our Project Engineering Group (PEG) stands as a testament to the power of collective industry experience. Our team of Project Engineers boasts a diverse array of backgrounds, with each member bringing a unique blend of…

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New product to market

How to Bring a New Product to Market

Our downloadable guide will help you think through your design process before investing the first dollar to bring a new product to market.

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TriMech Staffing UK

Solid People are now TriMech Staffing UK

Solid People has evolved into TriMech Staffing UK, bringing a renewed commitment to excellence in CAD tailored recruitment services.

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Ralph Speaking with Clients about his Engineering Technical Expertise

Ralph Gillis: A Unique Journey of Engineering Technical Expertise

Meet Ralph Gillis, a key player in TriMech’s Project Engineering Group (PEG) whose unique journey as an Applications Engineer has transformed his Engineering Technical Expertise into a critical asset for the team.

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