Ralph Gillis: A Unique Journey of Engineering Technical Expertise

As a Project Engineering team, having a team member with Engineering Technical Expertise and an understanding of the intricacies of both client needs and technical solutions is invaluable.

Meet Ralph Gillis, a key player in TriMech’s Project Engineering Group (PEG) whose unique journey as an Applications Engineer has transformed him into a critical asset for the team.

The Early Years at TriMech:

Ralph kickstarted his career at TriMech as an Applications Engineer, a role that exposed him to the technical support side of clients’ experiences with the company. This pivotal experience became the foundation of his technical prowess and the ability to empathize with clients when addressing their concerns.

Ralph Gillis

Ralph Gillis

Understanding Client Needs:

One of the key responsibilities of an Applications Engineer is to address client inquiries regarding additional training, on-site visits, and technical support decisions related to SOLIDWORKS. Ralph discovered that many long-term TriMech clients were unaware of the full extent of the expertise they could leverage to enhance their design efficiencies.

Identifying Technical Training Needs:

In his earlier roles at TriMech, Ralph often found himself engaging with clients who did not realize they would require additional training. Through meaningful conversations, he identified specific issues hindering their workflows and recommended tailored SOLIDWORKS training courses to address these challenges. By having clients walk him through their problems during training or onsite visits, Ralph could provide step-by-step solutions, ensuring a more efficient and optimized design process.

On Site Customer Care Visits:

Many clients faced issues with their processes and SOLIDWORKS setups, often stemming from engineers and designers who were self-taught or having outdated training. This led to Ralph conducting on-site customer care visits, where he delved into the clients’ processes, design challenges, and software settings. This hands-on approach allowed him to understand their unique needs and offer customized solutions.

Transition Engineering Technical Expertise to PEG:

Ralph’s experience as an Applications Engineer equipped him with insights into clients’ needs, setting the stage for his transition to the Project Engineering Group. His industry knowledge and honed skills make him adept at providing PEG clients with a uniquely tailored approach, aligning solutions precisely with their requirements.


Ralph Gillis’s journey from an Applications Engineer to a critical asset in TriMech’s Project Engineering Group showcases the power of combining engineering technical expertise with a deep understanding of client needs. His ability to bridge the gap between clients and technology not only enhances their design processes but also highlights the importance of a well-rounded and adaptable team member in the ever-evolving landscape of engineering solutions. Interested in learning more about Ralph and TriMech’s Project Engineering Group? Visit our Project Engineering Services page to figure out how Ralph and TriMech’s PEG team can help your company.

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