Five Ways TriMech Can Be Your Backup Engineering Resource

TriMech’s Project Engineering Group (PEG) is a flexible team of knowledgeable and experienced engineers with access to the latest tools in the market. No matter what stage of your engineering project you’re in, TriMech’s engineering resource is available.

We can work with you from start to finish, or we can jump in to fill in the gaps that you need. In this article, we review some of the most common situations our clients come to us with, and how our team can help.

I have an idea and I need an Engineering Resource

If you have an inkling of an idea that you want to explore, the PEG team can be your engineering partner from square one. Our clients come to TriMech because they know we are experts at using our engineering tools, like SOLIDWORKSArtec 3D scanners and rapid prototyping using Stratasys 3D printers.

Often having the right tools at the beginning of the project makes the process a lot quicker and easier and our engineers have been using these tools, especially SOLIDWORKS, for decades to solve complex engineering problems for our clients. From advanced geometry modeling to non-linear dynamic analysis and everything in between, we can work with motion simulation, flow analysis, linear static and dynamic load analysis, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, design for manufacturing and more. Whatever type of engineering project you want to tackle, our team can give you the expert support and guidance you need from start to finish.

I have an old part or drawing and I need a newer version

Do you have a project that is utilizing legacy designs that need to be brought up to date? Or maybe you have a remnant component that is critical to your current and new projects.
Often, our clients will come to us with projects that reference work from years prior. They might have old hand-drafted engineering drawings, outdated file formats or even that one piece that’s been in the front office display case longer than anyone can remember. Unfortunately, there’s no quick and easy way to recover this old data and transform it into a modern CAD file, so it can take a lot of time to recreate them.

Instead of tying up your valuable in-house engineering resources working to re-create a product your company has already developed, talk with PEG. Using SOLIDWORKS and Artec 3D scanners, our engineers can re-create and update that old information into a modern CAD file or drawing that you can use for your current project and for years to come.

I have a design, but I want to make sure it will work before creating tooling

Needing to redesign tooling can be a huge burden to a project, costing additional time and money. But not every team has the capacity to run the right simulations that will help you avoid mistakes, multiple adjustments and re-tooling. Maybe you don’t have a simulation engineer on your team, or maybe you don’t have it in the budget to purchase analysis software and train an employee to use it.

With the advanced CAE tools available within SOLIDWORKS and the PEG team’s decades of experience across a wide variety of industries, we can help you determine if your design is ready for the next stage of development. For example, using SOLIDWORKS Simulation, we can provide insight into the structural integrity of your design. Or, instead of creating temporary molds for a prototype run, we can quickly create functional 3D prints of your design, often at a fraction of the cost. Whatever your project requires, PEG can help you evaluate your design before you spend the big bucks modeling and cutting tooling.

I have a CAD model that isn’t working correctly or is full of errors

Do you have a CAD model that a partner shared with you, and you’re having trouble using it? The process of bringing an idea from a simple sketch into production is complex with many stages, often moving through several different teams and resources at each step. That means CAD models are frequently transferred back and forth between resources and CAD programs. This can result in small errors, creating poor geometry in your models and hindering your team’s ability to accomplish their goals.

Instead of having your engineering team spend their valuable time finding and fixing someone else’s poor modeling practices or import errors, allow PEG to help. With our CAD and SOLIDWORKS expertise, we can help you clean up your model to a usable state so you can focus on your design goals rather than spending hours or days cleaning up poor geometry.

I’m in the middle of a project and I need an Engineering Resource

With the complex and quickly changing engineering tasks companies are taking on today, we understand that timelines are often tight, and one hiccup can throw you off schedule. We’ve all been there – maybe you’ve lost some of your in-house engineering manpower or maybe that giant contract that’s been sitting in limbo for months finally came through and there just aren’t enough hours in a day to accomplish your goals.

Whatever the problem, when you find yourself running behind schedule and need some extra support, PEG can be your supplemental engineering resource to help your project meet its goals on time. We have a team of engineers who can mobilize quickly to help you keep things on track or help dig your project out of the hole it’s currently in and get you back on schedule.

Chris Panosh

Chris Panosh

Chris Panosh is the Engineering Lead with the Project Engineering Group (PEG)
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