How TriMech Brings Value to Job Candidates

Listen to the conversation below between Bill Ripol, President of Staff Augmentation, and Staffing Account Manager Loretta Lacks, as they discuss our staffing process and the value that TriMech brings to job candidates and clients.


TriMech recruiters are dedicated to go the extra mile for clients and job candidates

TriMech recruiters build relationships with candidates, and quite often our candidates say that we are not like everybody else that has talked to them about positions.

We make sure that a candidate trusts us with a job opportunity and that their personal information is handled professionally.

TriMech recruiters interview job candidates first to ensure they are a good fit and we provide a candidate summary to the client. If a recruiter thinks a candidate has a skillset that has not been presented well then we coach them on how to showcase their skills not only in their resume but also during an interview, so that the client understands what a good fit they are.

On numerous occasions we have presented a candidate that a client thinks is not a good fit on paper. But when they have a conversation with the candidate they typically realize they need to hire that person.

Looking for a new career?

If you’re a designer or engineer looking for a new career, contact a TriMech Staffing Specialist. We can provide further guidance and expertise on conducting engineering interviews with potential employers and may even have a position that is a great fit for you!

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TriMech provides thousands of engineering teams with staff augmentation and project engineering solutions that work hand-in-hand, from sketch to manufacturing.
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