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CNC Programmer



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June 13, 2024



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Marty Bade

CNC Programmer Job Description

The CNC Programmers will program CNC Lathes, Swiss lathes, and Mills with current machining processes.  They also develop new machining processes for overnight continuous runs and work with and develop Robotic automation process.


  • High school diploma, GED, or trade school education. Ideally an associate degree in manufacturing technologies or similar.
  • Proficient with MasterCam
  • Good understanding of machining metal and processes with CNC machines.
  • The ability to diagnose machining problems: tool failure, rough finish, chip build up, etc.
  • Proficiency in the use of computerized machine controls, precision measurement instruments, hand tools, and specialized trade tools.
  • Use of computers to perform data entry and document production.
  • Mechanical aptitude and use of significant mathematical skills.
  • Must be able to proofread documents, read blueprints, train others, complete production paperwork.


  • Work from part drawings, machine specifications and electronic control data, utilizing to a large extent established methods and standards data to layout operations and sequences, tooling arrangements, machine set up instructions and details for a number of recognized machining operations on standardized components having close tolerances and inspection requirements.
  • Align and code steps for tool operations, speed, feeds, and work piece positions to conform to operational sequences.
  • Monitor set ups and operations to prove programs to assure proper methodology sequences, tooling arrangements and quality of completed work piece.
  • Operate CNC machines as needed to prove program.
  • Revise programs to correct errors or deficiencies or to modify or improve to suit new tooling designs and to effect cost reductions.
  • Work closely with Tool Design and Manufacturing personnel to plan tooling designs and arrangements for new work or modifications for the regular work.

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