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Lab Engineering Manager



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May 1, 2024



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Marty Bade

Lab Engineering Manager Job Description

Lab Engineering Manager
 Job Summary
We are seeking a motivated and experienced individual to join our team as an Lab Engineering Manager for our Materials Business. In this role, you will collaborate closely with quality consultants, operators, and managers to ensure the timely, quality, and safe production of materials. The long-term aim is for you to have a comprehensive understanding of the production process, guiding operators and management on critical elements.
 Key Responsibilities

  • Work with the quality consultant, operators, and managers to develop procedures and working practices to ensure timely, quality, and safe product and production.
  • Learn and operate the various pieces of equipment. The long-term aim is not to be the operator but to have a working knowledge of the production process.
  •  Develop an understanding of the critical areas of reactive material processing, including vacuum chamber preparation, cleanliness, and material handling. Provide guidance to operators and management on these crucial aspects.
  • Start learning the customer base. This will include being copied on emails, sit in on phone calls, and attending meetings, at first.
  • Develop a knowledge and working understanding of the raw materials and services required. Establish guide documents for the control and acceptance of the raw materials.
  • Establish working practices and procedures. This includes a safety review of all and new materials to be handled.
  • Set up the lab with the appropriate equipment, working practices and documentation. The target (this may take some time) is to offer comprehensive materials classification and characterization for internal and external use. 
  • Assist the team in meeting performance targets.
  • Identify improvements for the processing equipment. Work with manufacturing to make those improvements.
  • Assist where necessary in production. This will be a key part for new materials.   
  • Assist in the new equipment testing in factory and commissioning at site.

Key Measurements:

  • Accurate and appropriate documentation
  • Consistent recording and control of raw and processed materials
  • Production rate and cost reduction


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering
  • 5 to 8 years of experience in a similar role within an industrial/manufacturing environment

Operational Functions:

  • Develop sales and contracts for processing material in the form of powder or castings.
  • Purchase raw materials and services.
  • Process the materials, alloy, cast, and make powder.
  • Classify and characterize the processed materials.
  • Bag, store, and ship processed material.

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