Resume Essentials: Navigating Engineering Contract Work with Confidence

In today’s job market, contracting in the job market has become super relevant. Here are some essential tips and recommendations that can help you successfully implement your contract work onto your resume while avoiding the vast confusion during the development process. 

Tailor your Resume

When embarking on your job searches, it is crucial to showcase relevant skills and experiences that are similar to the topic of your searches. This includes listing much of what you have developed as a Contractor in your resume. Even if specific contracts were not substantial, it is important to showcase the relevant contributions and skills you demonstrated.

Most candidates looking for a job need help trying to be unique compared to other candidates. One substantial strategy is to have multiple resumes that are tailored to the different job types you are searching for. Crafting different resumes all in different categories of Contracting work you have done can help you become a specialized candidate for the roles you are applying for. Having a targeted resume can help increase your chances, especially in such a -diverse job market that we are exposed to in all industries. 

Focus on Achievements

To take a deeper dive into more specifics of what your resume should have. Try to emphasize and capitalize on the achievements and contributions you’ve made that have shown a significant impact. And be as positive as you can! By showcasing your achievements, especially with contracting, try to mention highlightable results and take a dive into the value you added to those projects. 

Showing these experiences will help recruiters get to know what kind of team player you are as an employee. Overall, focusing on achievements when listing contract work on your resume enhances and diversifies your candidacy by showcasing your value, setting you apart from other candidates, illustrating your skills, quantifying your impact, and most importantly increasing your credibility.

Demonstrate Perseverance

Contracting roles often come with a lot of uncertainty and can sometimes lead to some employment gaps. If this comes up in the topic, it’s crucial not to give up. Try to highlight instances where you have adapted to new environments or how you have maintained a proactive lifestyle with your career.

Employers value candidates who show and exhibit traits of perseverance because it indicates a strong work ethic and shows how you respond in dynamic environments. Try to highlight your devotion to delivering results, whether completing projects ahead of schedule or what you will do to exceed client expectations and mention your core strengths when challenges are faced in front of you.


At TriMech Staffing, we understand that the competitive job market presents a range of challenges. Whether you are trying to explore new opportunities or secure your next contract role, we are here to support you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn how TriMech Staffing can help you achieve your career aspirations.

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