Meet the Team: Will Irvin, Mechanical Design Specialist

Introducing Will Irvin, a valued member of our Project Engineering Group. Will joined TriMech in May of 2022, and has established himself as a valuable part of the team through his work in mechanical design and over 25 years of industry experience.

Will Irvin’s Specialist Focus

Will’s specialized focus lies in Mechanical Design, a critical branch of mechanical engineering. Mechanical design helps companies develop systems, solve problems and test prototypes to ensure they create quality machines. Mechanical design finds extensive application across diverse sectors such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace and defense, food processing, and construction. Within this broad spectrum, Will’s personal affinity gravitates towards the recreational and outdoor industry, specifically camping, backpacking, and hiking.

Drawing upon his extensive industry experience, Will possesses an understanding of the intricacies associated with many products. This wealth of knowledge proves indispensable in optimizing our clients’ industrial design projects to their full potential.

Will believes that the remarkable chemistry within our Project Engineering Group, coupled with an atmosphere of open-mindedness towards novel ideas, is the key to their success.

We have some really talented people, so I am learning a lot. Every day it just seems like I learn something new from this group, and it’s just a great group to work with!

Want to hire Will Irvin?

We are proud to count Will as a member of our team, and we hold confidence in his abilities and expertise. If you would like Will to consult on your engineering project please contact us.

Riley Rudd

Riley Rudd

Riley Rudd is a Marketing Specialist for TriMech's Staff Augmentation and Project Engineering Group (PEG). Riley is currently a graduate student at Virginia Tech working toward a Master of Engineering in Computer Science, with a focus on data analytics and AI.
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