Project Engineering Services for Thriving with Bigger Companies

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, companies across many industries face the challenge of continuously delivering innovative and high-quality products or services. For larger companies with established engineering teams, maintaining efficiency and staying ahead of the curve can be particularly demanding. However, by utilizing project engineering services, these companies can gain a competitive edge, optimize operations, and achieve business goals more effectively.

In this blog post, we interview three members of TriMech’s Project Engineering Group (PEG) about what makes them successful with projects they take on for large clients.

Fresh Perspective

Ralph Gillis, a seasoned TriMech project engineer, offers a take on why PEG is an invaluable asset for large companies. Drawing from his own experience, Gillis emphasized the role played by the PEG team in preventing internal engineers from becoming overly fixated on minute details, losing sight of the bigger picture amidst complexity. The PEG team can step in as a guiding force, ensuring that the process toward the end goal is efficient. By addressing and resolving the smaller issues that might otherwise be overshadowed, they keep the project on track and aligned with its broader objectives.

Multi-Service Advantage

Our conversation with Chris Panosh, Engineering Lead, shed light on how PEG determines the ideal solution for clients. It’s not uncommon for clients to approach us uncertain about their specific needs. This is where the power of the TriMech services system lies. Rather than trying to force one solution, they are able to refer clients to TriMech Staffing if that team may meet their needs better. For smaller projects demanding swift execution, PEG readily takes charge and accomplishes the task at hand.

However, when companies aim to tackle more extensive endeavors with multiple intricate components, PEG can work on the critical aspects while the Staffing team works for a long-term solution. This specialized division can provide both contractors and full-time hires who can seamlessly integrate into the company’s operations over an extended period, fulfilling their long-term requirements. This is precisely why TriMech proves to be the perfect partner, as we work closely with our clients to devise optimal solutions, sometimes even blending elements from both approaches to deliver the best outcomes.


Companies that have experienced recent growth or demanding work seasons is another prominent issue PEG helps to solve. Chris expanded on this, highlighting how larger clients often approach them and are already equipped with SOLIDWORKS and an in-house engineering team. However, when it comes to mergers or growth, these companies don’t always have additional engineers readily available. That’s precisely where PEG steps in, offering invaluable assistance in streamlining projects and ensuring these companies meet their timelines promptly. In most cases, PEG achieves remarkable results within a month, delivering optimized solutions and keeping the wheels of progress turning smoothly.

Developing Future Success

Adam Baker, Director of the PEG team, touched on the “teach a man to fish” approach that PEG frequently provides to benefit their larger repeat customers. It’s not uncommon for PEG to encounter situations where a client’s engineers may lack the necessary skills for a specific project. In such cases, PEG steps in to provide immediate assistance while simultaneously guiding and educating the engineers on how to independently tackle similar tasks in the future.

This dual approach ensures that clients receive the desired outcomes while fostering the growth and development of their own engineering teams. By empowering clients with the knowledge and expertise needed to handle future endeavors, PEG’s approach exemplifies a commitment to long-term success and client satisfaction.

In essence, TriMech’s Project Engineering Group offers larger companies the opportunity to optimize their operations, achieve their goals more effectively, and gain a competitive edge. With their expertise, fresh perspectives, and commitment to long-term success, TriMech’s Project Engineering Group proves to be invaluable partners in helping clients thrive in collaboration, innovation, and growth.

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Dain Ripol

Dain Ripol is the TriMech Staff Augmentation Marketing Coordinator
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