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Our project engineering group offers a wide range of capabilities to cater for your design and engineering requirements.

From concept development to the final product, our team guides you through the entire process, ensuring efficiency and innovation every step of the way. We are here to develop custom solutions to deliver exceptional results and support your project’s success.

Mechanical Design

We excel in creating innovative and efficient mechanical designs to meet your specific requirements.

Reverse Engineering

Our team is adept at reverse engineering to recreate and analyze existing components or systems.

FEA & Simulation

With expertise in Finite Element Analysis, we can assess the structural integrity and performance of your designs.

CFD Analysis

We can employ Computational Fluid Dynamics to analyze and optimize fluid flow behavior in various applications.

Concept / Product Development

From concept to product, we have the skills to guide you through the entire development process.

Render, Animate & Tech Publications

We specialize in visual representations and technical publications to communicate your product designs.

Engineering & CAD Consulting

Rely on our experts for consulting services in engineering and computer-aided design (CAD).

3D CAD & Drawing Creation

With expertise in 3D CAD modeling and drawing, our team can bring your ideas to life with accuracy.


About TriMech Project Engineering Group (PEG)

Why work with TriMech?

When you don’t have the internal expertise, time, personnel, or technology required to complete a project, it’s time to consider outsourcing your engineering and design services.

TriMech strives to be our client’s go to engineering resource and the Project Engineering Group provides our client’s with engineering expertise options that many other companies cannot offer. Let our team be your first engineering option.

  • We're Engineers: Our team is comprised of internally lead TriMech Employees who have a variety of Design, Engineering and Analysis experience under their belts.
  • Your Problem Solvers :Each client’s project needs are unique. We will work with your team to develop a process to provide deliverables as effectively and efficiently as possible, saving time and money.
  • On Demand: We are your available and fast turnaround engineering option.
Lacking the Necessary Skill or Technology?

Do you have a project that requires FEA analysis, but do not have the software or necessary experience to complete? PEG does.

Getting Started with New Technology?

Are you thinking about investing in that 3D Scanner but want to make sure your engineering process is prepared to hit the ground running when you do? PEG can help.

Short on Personnel Resources?

Have you run into a situation where your design process is on hold with your engineering team backed up on old projects? PEG is ready to go.

Example Projects

A variety of project results delivered by TriMech

CAD Projects

Design of components and systems for clients

PEG FEA Simulation
FEA Projects

We provide linear/non-linear static and non-linear dynamic studies for clients

PEG CFD Analysis
CFD Projects

Providing fluid and air flow studies for clients from a variety of industries

PEG 2D to 3D
2D to 3D Conversions

Converting 2D prints to 3D CAD models and drawings

PEG Technical Documentation
Technical Publications

Creation of highly detailed tech publications & marketing collateral

PEG Design Concept
Design Concepts

Concept to prototype ideation and design

Adam Baker
Adam Baker
Alain Bucio Simulation Engineer
Alain Bucio
Ralph Gillis
Will Irvin
Chris Panosh
Chris Panosh
Keith Pedersen
Rob Taylor
The Team

Project Engineering Group (PEG) Engineers and Designers from different disciplines

The PEG team are specialists in Design and Engineering with related industry experience with a variety of skills and disciplines.

"TriMech and their team have provided an enormous benefit and will be our partner of choice for future modeling, simulation, and engineering needs."

Billy Stone
VP, Engineering, Cottrell Contracting Corp.

"TriMech provided exceptional support. Whether it’s discussing design/modeling ideas or material options/tradeoffs, it’s hard to find better knowledge and experience. There are many places to go for 3D printed parts, but finding someone better would be difficult."

Matt Wilcox
Senior Mechanical Engineer, G3 Technologies

“TriMech’s Project Engineering Group was the epitome of professional. Brian’s team gave me great guidance and really brought life to every detail of my design. I’m currently in the patent stages, and my attorney has stated that the 3D and mechanical renderings are some of the best he’s ever seen – and that’s coming from a patent attorney of 25 years! TriMech worked within my budget and handed me quality deliverables.”

Neil Lesher

“TriMech was able to quickly respond to my request and provide the requisite support for a fast paced project to develop a multiplex gas sample conditioning and analysis system. The project was a success and the system is in operation at our Bio-Energy Washing gas processing plant located near Seattle, Washington.”

Lorne Adams
Director of Engineering, Ingenco

“The Interferences detected by developing the ‘Rockbridge’ 3D model early in the project prevented an abundance of re-work and field changes. TriMech and their team has provided an enormous benefit and will be our partner of choice for future modeling, simulation, and engineering needs.”

Billy Stone
VP of Engineering, Cottrell Contracting Corporation

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