Rapid Resolutions: Triumph with SOLIDWORKS Designer

In the fast-paced world of engineering and manufacturing, challenges can arise when you least expect them. A manufacturing client in North Carolina required a SOLIDWORKS Designer fast due to a unique, time-sensitive challenge. That’s where Account Manager Loretta Lacks stepped in.

The Search for a SOLIDWORKS Designer:

Our client’s SOLIDWORKS representative recognized the urgency of their situation and promptly referred the client to TriMech’s staffing division. After a quick call, it was clear that the client needed a SOLIDWORKS Designer who could work on a specialized machinery project, and they needed one quickly.

In a remarkable display of efficiency and expertise, the team managed to source a highly skilled designer in just one week. This was a testament to the depth of TriMech’s network and the agility of their staffing division.

A Twist in the Case:

However, the challenge didn’t end there. The client was in a dilemma about upgrading their SOLIDWORKS license to accommodate the new hire. They had plans to upgrade it down the road, but with the new hire coming on, they needed it immediately. Luckily, the TriMech account manager they were working with found an innovative solution.

The account manager collaborated closely with TriMech’s SOLIDWORKS representative to secure a laptop with the most up to date software installed. This allowed the new Designer to start working right away without any license hiccups.

In less than a week, the designer was on-site and actively contributing to the project. The client was not only satisfied, but truly delighted with the results. So much so that they returned to TriMech, this time looking for yet another SOLIDWORKS Designer to join their team. TriMech delivered once again, this time in just under two weeks.

The Aftermath:

Fast forward a few months, the candidates placed by TriMech are still with the client, happily engaged in their work. The success story of the TriMech staffing division didn’t just save the day; it built a lasting partnership based on trust and results.

In the end, this case is a true testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and dedication that TriMech’s staffing division offers. The ability to deliver under pressure and find creative solutions turned a challenging situation into a success story that both the client and TriMech can be proud of.

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Dain Ripol

Dain Ripol is the TriMech Staff Augmentation Marketing Coordinator
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