Team Spotlight: Mike Ayers’ Journey to Engineering Staffing at TriMech

Mike Ayers first embarked on his sales journey right after college, accumulating over 20 years of expertise in the staffing arena. This extensive experience led him to TriMech, drawn by the company’s unique combination of engineering staffing, software, and hardware divisions. Mike saw an opportunity to leverage TriMech’s internal connections to expedite the growth of the staffing division.

Background and Introduction:

In October 2001, Mike became one of TriMech’s early employees and the first member of the staffing division. Initially approached for a role as a software representative, Mike turned down the offer. However, when presented with the chance to spearhead a staffing division, he couldn’t refuse. TriMech recognized his unique background in staffing for engineering companies as the perfect fit for this new venture.

Professional Expertise:

Currently serving as the DOD Special Operations Director in TriMech’s Staffing Augmentation Division, Mike’s focus on the DOD side sets him apart within TriMech. This strategic decision aligns with TriMech’s vision for growth, as Mike believes that winning DOD contracts may be challenging but provides sustainability. He identified ties between his contractors and the DOD, realizing it as a sustainable avenue for TriMech’s unique offerings, particularly highlighting CAD and engineering analysis.

Challenges and Experience:

Joining TriMech in its early stages was a daunting step for Mike. Leaving a secure job with a family to join an unestablished company was a risk that ultimately paid off. As the sole member of TriMech’s Staffing Division for the first two and a half years, Mike credits the company’s uniqueness and the opportunities it presented as motivating factors. Witnessing TriMech’s consistent growth over the years became the highlight of his career, reaffirming that his choice benefited both his family and the team around him.

Advice for Early Careers in Engineering Staffing:

Mike offers valuable advice for those entering the staffing business, emphasizing the need to trust the process. Looking 12 months ahead and focusing on relationship building are key aspects. Even in failure, connections made can lead to future success. Mike stresses the importance of knowledge in the business, urging professionals to become masters of their craft through continuous learning. Consider your profession as a sport, you would not show up to a game without having practiced. Practice makes perfect and Mike applies this to sales and staffing.

Advantages of Working at TriMech:

Mike highlights the comprehensive benefits of partnering with TriMech, emphasizing the company’s engineering capabilities. Positioned as a strategic partner for clients in need of specialized engineering support, TriMech stands out due to its use of the newest and best products. Mike notes the synergy clients across the business appreciate, describing TriMech as a triple threat—providing concentrated access, seamless software and staffing solutions, and technical capabilities that set them apart from other staffing agencies.

Ready to optimize your engineering staffing needs with expert guidance from Mike and our seasoned team? Contact us today and unlock the full potential of your company!

Dain Ripol

Dain Ripol is the TriMech Staff Augmentation Marketing Coordinator
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