TriMech Staffing team helps contract manufacturer GPR Company fill critical engineering positions

GPR Company was born in New Jersey in 1979, when three brothers created a small manufacturing business making parts for racecars. Today, GPR’s team of 60 provides engineering, fabrication, and custom machining services, with a specialty in semiconductor applications.

People are the heart of the business. A conversation with General Manager John Morin and Vice President Devin Verhoest provided insight into GPR’s focus on attracting top talent, and how Account Manager Jenna Lee helps by delivering right-fit candidates for engineering positions.

Filling engineering and SOLIDWORKS roles

As a trusted resource for engineers, TriMech is uniquely positioned to offer staffing solutions, including access to a large network of candidates, tailored services, and dedicated account management and support. The Staffing team helps clients find qualified people to fill contract, contract-to-hire, or direct hire design and engineering positions.

TriMech’s long history of selling and supporting SOLIDWORKS was the start of GPR’s relationship with them. At a training session about the cloud version of SOLIDWORKS, GPR learned that TriMech offers staffing services for engineers and manufacturers.

“SOLIDWORKS is the language we speak here every day,” Devin said. “It made sense that TriMech would understand the technical requirements of the engineering positions.”

A focus on people

GPR has been around 40 years, and Devin proudly shared that they still have both their second and fourth employees on staff. Devin’s father was one of the three company founders, and John’s son, recently hired, marks the fourth generation of machinists in his family.

“Most of the people working on our shop floor have been here more than 10 years,” Devin explained. “As we grow and bring in new people, we want to set everyone up for a career for life. You can make an impact from day one right through to your last day before retirement.”

Recently, when GPR had openings for two high-level, permanent positions – engineering manager and quality manager – Jenna Lee supported the hiring process. Devin said these are linchpin roles that contribute to GPR’s success, and that the technical skills of both hires are outstanding.

“Engineering makes sure that each part is designed well for manufacturing success, ensuring that we don’t overlook any features that may cause pauses or rework. The manager’s attention to detail is extremely important in our upfront process. In the same way, toward the end of our process, the quality manager will ensure that everything we’re doing meets our strict requirements.”

John added that having those roles filled with good candidates has freed him from having to manage day-to-day operations and allowed him to be able to think and plan strategically again.

“It has been a breath of fresh air, being able to move forward again. Just today I did some training that I haven’t been able to get to for three weeks.”

Making recruiting easier

Over their many years in business, GPR has tried other recruiters and various job boards. John said one thing separating TriMech from other recruiting services is that they understand the real-life environment and don’t just try to “put numbers up.”

Devin noted that TriMech is one of only two staffing services that hit the mark and stayed on top of ensuring that candidates align with the type of people they’re looking for.

“Overall, TriMech has made recruiting easier for us. The candidates are better. We have faith from what we’ve seen from TriMech so far that they can fill future openings as well.”

Communication builds trust

The road to successful placements can sometimes have a few bumps. Devin appreciated that Jenna persisted, noting that it’s the same way they work with their own customers.

“If you ever start off having a hard time getting a customer what they need, you stay in communication and commit to delivering. Our account executive Jenna Lee listened and built understanding, and the staffing team recalibrated. Persistence and desire to succeed get you to the finish line.”

A trusting relationship has developed between GPR and TriMech. Over time, they have gotten to know each other as people.

“TriMech has shown an ability to take honest feedback and turn it into results. Recruitment and hiring is complicated, and we didn’t start out perfectly, but growth and progress has been steady.”

A bright future

GPR is growing, continually adding new technology and equipment, including robotic automation. John emphasized that GPR is committed to filling their open engineering positions with great people, including untapped, potential talent.

“We give employees a rare and unique opportunity to train here. Some shops say they’ll teach you and develop your skills. We truly spend the time and make the effort to train those who are willing to put the work in. Whether you’re younger or older, this is the place to learn and grow.”

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Hiring for Engineering Positions?

Are you looking to fill an engineering role? GPR Company has relied on TriMech’s expertise to find the right candidates for critical positions, ensuring their continued success and innovation. With our focus on high-quality engineering and fabrication services, we understand the importance of having a skilled and dedicated team.

Let TriMech help you find the perfect fit for your technical positions. Contact us today to learn more about our tailored staffing solutions and how we can support your hiring needs.

Reach out to us and discover the difference that top-tier recruitment can make for your business.

Karen Majerly

Karen Majerly

Karen Majerly is a communications specialist who helps remarkable people tell rich stories. She has been working with the TriMech Group of companies since 2013.
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