Trusting Engineering Industry Experts to Find Expert Engineers

This case study showcases how TriMech Staffing helped our client fill an empty role for their expanding business quickly and with someone who is a Certified Engineering Industry Expert.

This story is an example of a company that was able to adapt to the changes post-pandemic industry had brought them.  They are now busier than ever due to their creative thinking and courage to explore new business strategies with TriMech’s technical staffing services.

The Challenge

Several months ago, this client approached us in need of a strong technical candidate for a Mechanical Designer position. They had just opened a new manufacturing plant and needed some very specific engineering talent for the new location. Time was a factor and they didn’t want to go through the traditional candidate search and filter out piles of unqualified applicants. Since TriMech was already their provider for engineering software, support, and training, they looked to us for expert engineering staffing help.

Understanding Our Client’s Needs

This ideal person they were looking for needed to be able to manage a hybrid engineering and manufacturing role that understood engineering design, design for manufacturing and custom machine programming. Utilizing the TriMech Staffing team offered them an edge on this position since we have access to technical talent that other firms may be unable to reach.

We took some time to identify and qualify the position in detail. Upon this comprehensive review, we discovered that this role matched one of our recent candidates that had just completed a long-term assignment for a different large manufacturing client.


Working With TriMech Staffing

TriMech presented the candidate to the client immediately. The candidate’s resume and capabilities discussed over the phone interview matched the client’s needs exactly. The client requested an onsite interview the following week. The outcome of that interview proved what we suspected may occur, the client was thoroughly impressed by the quality technical candidate we presented. Their unique skill set and relevant work history proved to be exactly what the client needed for their mechanical engineer position.

In addition to a great resume, TriMech Staffing also provided client recommendations on this candidate. These recommendations came directly from the Director of Manufacturing and Engineering Manager of the former company where the candidate’s assignment had just ended. You see, that large Manufacturing client was unable to convert any of their contractors to full-time employees due to the pandemic, so a talented engineering candidate was returned to us when the company was forced to downsize.

This reciprocal relationship we build with our clients gives us the unique ability to help candidates find their next technical role without the annoyance of working with firms who are not aware of their skills and relevance to this industry. This candidate had an amazing work ethic, dedication and skillset and was able to be presented at exactly the right time due to TriMech’s collaboration and communication with these manufacturing clients.

The Results

In the end, the client extended an offer to the candidate and gave the TriMech Staffing Team a glowing review for obtaining such critical talent so quickly. For this client, using an expert engineer staffing agency gave them access to the right talent that was tailored to their custom needs. The client felt our solution was ideal and believed the support would offer a competitive approach to their custom needs.

Do you need a Certified Engineering Industry Expert?

If you’re looking for engineers specialized in a given area, TriMech Staffing can help you. Our focus provides significant benefits to companies as well as candidates as we find dedicated or temporary engineering placements that are a perfect 360° fit. We’re a company run by engineers for engineers and are here to support you with your engineering staffing or staff augmentation needs. Contact TriMech Staffing today.

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