What to wear at an Interview, in-person or online

Clothing choices play a vital role when it comes to making a good first impression at a job interview. These days dressing for job interviews is a lot more complicated than it used to be. To help make sure you’re prepared and looking sharp we have a few reminders for you to keep in mind for what to wear at an interview.

When in Doubt, Dress Up

It’s important to get a sense of the corporate culture before you head into an interview. The candidate dressed in a suit and tie or a dress and heels will usually make a much better impression than the candidate dressed in jeans and sneakers. Learn more about what to wear at an interview related to a corporate position and what to wear for a more laid-back casual position. In both cases, being well-groomed with clean clothing that isn’t tattered.

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What to wear at an interview

Keep It Simple

Keep your outfit uncluttered – a blouse and pants, a suit and tie, a dress suit or khakis and a button-down shirt. Do not add too many accessories. You might wear a scarf or one piece of jewelry, but any more than that can be distracting to the employer and cause you to fidget with them as well. You also want to keep your makeup and perfume simple and limited (no distracting smells!).

Dress for an online interview

Dress for an online interview

Select the Right Colors

Colors help us convey confidence, professionalism and the ability to fit into an organization’s environment. The goal is for the employer not to remember your attire, but instead, to remember your skills and qualifications. Neutral solid colors help keep the focus on you rather than your outfit. Navy, gray, black and brown are typically the best colors for an interview. A small pop of color is appropriate, such as a pale blue blouse under a dark suit or a red tie. However, limit the brightly colored item to one small piece.

Select Solids Over Patterns

To keep a potential employer’s attention on you, not your clothes, you should also choose solid colors over patterns. Small patterns, like thin pinstripes or a checkered shirt, are fine. However, you want to select a pattern that is small enough that it looks like a solid from across the room, unlike the large polka dots and stripes.

Subtle pattern if possible

Subtle pattern if possible

Be Ready

Make sure you have an interview outfit well before your interview. Try on the outfit at least a week ahead of time, so you have time to make any adjustments to the fit. Layout your outfit the night before, and make sure everything is clean and wrinkle-free. This will help you to avoid any last-minute panic about your outfit.

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